Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Whole World of Awesome!

Okay, so I'm keeping things positive.  I'm on this journey we call life (yeah, I know, not original), but on this journey I'm learning....and lately, I'm learning every single day.  First - keep my mind open, I LIVE better this way - open to suggestions, open to criticism (positive please!), open to making changes and trying new things.

So, I'm going to the gym more regularly.  This week has been hard, but I'm getting there finally tomorrow after work, I believe and will get at least 2 workouts in over the weekend.  Next week is back to a better "normal" and I can go to the gym after work.

Don't be critical - in a negative way.  Before, I'd beat myself up for not sticking with the plan.  Okay, so life happens, and you have to replan THE PLAN, so what?  Is stressing yourself up because things change something one should really be worried about on a minute-by-minute scale?  Um,'s life.

Doing positive things - now this is key.  Keeping your head in a good strong space.....allowing life to happen is fine.  It's what you do around your life (the parts you can't always control) that are the most important.

So, I've been going with the flow and making smarter food choices and smarter workout choices (ie chosing to work out!), and guess what? 

I'm back into clothes I haven't been able to wear since earlier in the fall.  My waistbands are fitting again......:)  My rings aren't super tight when I take them off at night, and in the morning, they just slip right on!

The scale - not a freakin' clue what it's doing.  I'm keeping my promise to myself to only get on it once each week - Sunday morning....and I'm so much less stressed now that I am!

So, baby steps here - smarter foods are being taken to work in my lunchbag every single day....and I'm only eating what I bring.....and I'm drinking water at work.....and I'm feeling so much better for it.

Isn't like Awesome!?

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