Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boy, this is hard work!

Why is it so hard to just stop the madness and put yourself first?  I've been hosting a small little pitty party for myself.  I've been eating well, tracking, getting to the gym (I can definitely improve on that one) and even drinking water (again, progress can be made on that one too, but who wants to drink water when it's freezing outside!?).

My fiancé bought a new scale for our house last weekend.  The blasted thing has me 4 lbs heavier than the old one......oh, right, that would be the same weight as the one at the gym.....so, I've sucked it up, and revised my current weight. 

Sunday, which is my weekly WI day, it said 175 lbs.

I have a workout at the gym planned for three nights this week - Thursday is a long-awaited hair-i-tude adjustment day.

So, onwards I go on this journey, praying the evil electronic devil will actually provide me with some positive reinforcement one of these days.

I'm working harder at weight loss and getting into better shape this past 10 days than I have in a long time.  I'm stepping it up a notch - right this second.

I don't like myself at this weight.  I feel bloated......yucky......

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