Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Well, although corn season isn't quite wrapped up for this year, we are closing down on Sunday.....which leaves us 4 business day only! We had to take a break yesterday and today because we're finally running out of corn! Running out is a means we've sold a LOT!

So, about me. Who am? Heck, right now I'm so pulled in too many directions, with work, farm, kids returning to school......yes, honestly I am overwhelmed. That's it. Overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed often leads to no planning, no groceries, and well, no success in the weight-loss area.

Just popping in here today so that I can start returning my life back on track and being accountable. Writing this blog keeps me grounded in so many ways......and I need to make time to find balance again.

What I have done so far......

1. Focusing on clean eating where possible.
2. Plan on restarting 17DD next Monday
3. Have booked training sessions with my trainer starting Sept 17 - she is then away for 10 days, so we will get back to regular sessions in late September.
4. C25K - I've been given the go-ahead from doc and trainer to go ahead and start - with warnings to repeat weeks if needed - I'm very pumped about this! I*WANT*TO*RUN!

So for now......I'm ramping up water, looking forward to the end of corn season and keeping my head down at work and working through the beginning of a new academic year.

Bondi Band Give-Away!!!!!! Hey folks, please visit my friend Syl's blog - she's sharing her love of running with all of her friends!

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  1. It was so good to hear from you your mail as I was driving home after teaching my class, before bed time :)
    Seems you going to be stopping earlier than you thought...:)))))))