Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Double Post Tuesday - The Get-to-Goal Plan!

Yes, a double post! Okay, that's it! I spent part of this morning putting my plan in place. I have an excel spreadsheet that I've revamped and I have no more excuses/reasons not to do what I need to. Yup - I've finally hit rock-freakin' bottom! So here's my plan: 102 days until our wedding - 0/20 lbs (yep, that's a LOT of accountability and exercise) 222 days until my birthday - 0/34.2 264 days until my "ultimate" goal - 0/40.2 I know that I will lose quickly at the beginning, so that's why I'm aiming high for the first bit. I also know that my dress can be taken in, so I'm not concerned about losing too much and not looking awesome in it! Watch out! Here I come! I'm walking every day this week and then servicing my bike this weekend and rebooting my Learn to Run program next week.

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