Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thirsty Thursday!

The one thing I know about losing weight is drinking......if it's morning, drink water; if it's noon, drink water; if it's 2pm, drink more water; if you're going to a meeting, drink water (visit the "facilities" before the meeting!)......if you're hungry, drink water...... So now that I'm well into my first week of focused taking care of myself, I'm feeling so much less toxic. I know I've written about this before....eating nothing processed, just home made, whole foods is obviously the way to go, but with this North American lifestyle we have, it so easy to get off track with that (and boy, have I been off track!). I'm already feeling so much less blucky (bloated and yucky)....I feel stronger, I'm already sleeping better, I have more energy (hello 13-hour work day yesterday)....I feel good! So why, you ask, would I not always JUST DO IT!? Hmmmm....that's a really, really good question. So here's to staying power and water and all things lean and green! I'm off to drink some more water!

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