Monday, April 27, 2009

Day of Reckoning.....

....okay, so here's my complete story.

I'm 48, I'm in terrible physical shape and I'm tired of it. Okay, so I'm stronger than I was a year ago because of spurts of harder exercising, but I'm not consistent enough with it to make it stick, so I don't feel good about myself.

I've been very stressed about work since the new year and decided yesterday (Sunday) to face the music, and move I got on the scale and it said only thought was "Oh thank goodness it's not 170-anything!" that would have crushed me. But the sad reality is that since the holidays, I've gained 12 lbs....and honestly, I think they're all around my mid-section. NOT GOOD!

So, I have fully recommitted - I mean FULLY - to following WW and not stopping.....four years ago, I lost 28 lbs (plus a few more) in 9 months.....and kept it of for the next 20 I know how to work the program, I know what works for me and my body, so why aren't I doing it?

Yesterday was a perfectly OP day - I mean perfectly - some APs, only ate my DPA, water yup, and felt really will be another perfect day....I have gardening APs planned for when I get home......and tomorrow I add back in the visit to the I started my new work hours - I'm working out at the gym at lunch, so I'm going into work 30 minutes earlier daily to give me a longer time at lunch. Can't do it when I'm home, so making time during the time I'm away from home will work (ie - been there done it before!).

My goals are:

Month of May: Lose 10 lbs (159)
Month of June: Lose 5 lbs (154)
Month of July: Lose 5 lbs (149)
Month of August: The final 5 lbs (144)

2009 is MY time!


  1. Hey Laura!
    Looks like you are pumped and ready to go.
    Just thought I would mention something and hope it doesn't upset you.
    I was just looking at your goals and your May goal concerns me a bit.
    10 pounds is ALOT to lose in one month, and if it doesn't happen it may really disappoint you and maybe slow down your "get up and go".
    I would possibly take a second look at that, just a suggestion.
    I recently had a 10 pound goal for April and I have only got down 6 with a few days I disappointed, well no but I think I set it way to high!

  2. ment to say with a few days left...not late!