Thursday, April 23, 2009

A New Day - Yet Again!

You know when something is bugging you and you can't quite put your finger on it? Well, the uncertainty on what I want to do with the rest of my life is bugging me.....I have a job interview on May 7th.....for a job I've always wanted......that being said, now that I have the opportunity to ace it (lost of research going into a 10 minute presentation I have to give at the interview), I'm not sure it "fits" with my life?! Having acknowledged that yesterday, I've decided to give it my 110% focus and ace the interview....get offered the job.....and if/when that happens, then decide whether I want to accept it. If I decide not to, I will have less overall stress in my life, I will have more flexible time to work on the farm in the gardens and play with my horse........and spend with my kids.......

Back to the WW front.....I feel so much more settled today. Today I'm wearing a power suit (I'm wearing things to work one at a time and getting two girlfriends to comment on them to see which one I should wear to the interview......I think when I get home, if I can remember, I'm going to take a photo of me in it so you too can decide! Anyway, back to WW.....I feel more settled, more determined, and now I have a plan in place. Monday, I'm adjusting my working hours so I can take a full hour for lunch and get to the gym. Except for the days I have meetings over lunch, I'm going to get myself to the gym five days a week over lunch. This will do MANY things for me (based on past experience!).....I eat much smarter when I work out regularly, I'll be earning my APs and working on getting this body of mine back on track! GRIN! I can feel this is the right decision (and I'm not "putting it off" by not going until Monday - I have meetings the next few days near lunchtime and can't do it).....planning, executing, smiling!

My friend Syl posted about choosing plates today......I have thoughts on that as well.....and agree 100% with her......prettily presented food on a smaller plate is so much more palatable. At home, I use a pretty jug that I fill with water and add lemon and lime slices to - I drink two full ones in a the prettying up of food does work! And using a pretty smaller plate also makes you think you're still eating a larger portion! Gotta love it!

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