Monday, April 20, 2009

Move it!

(__) (_\_) (__) (_/_) (__) (__) (_\_) (__) (_/_) (__) (__) (_\_)
Okay, so did you all know that it's offically "Move Thy @rse" week? Yup, MOVE IT!

So, why are we on WW? or some other program? Because we need to be accountable! Lesson learned for sure today.....because I have dial-up at home, I didn't track on-line this weekend, but I did write down what I put in my mouth and what I did physically. I thought I was a train wreck, so I didn't bother putting any of it into the WW tracker this morning until I had an "AHA!" moment.........turns out that although I did eat more than I should have this weekend, I earned so many exercise points from working outdoors that I should come out ahead in the longrun.

So, lesson learned, moving on, staying focused and going to kick this extra tonnage to the curb. By the end of June, I should be looking the old me again - phew!

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  1. isn't it funny how sometimes our brain tells us that we have done far worse than we really have, and then when you actually fiqure it out your surprised! good on you for not giving into the negativity and actually being accountable, that's a major step!