Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This time of the year for me, at the office, is just nutsoid! I was here from 7:45am until 6:05pm yesterday and today doesn't look too much better!?

Something to look forward for me today is my new hairitude adjustment! out....I'm cutting this bush-wacker-woman hair off and going super short again.....

Now, WW-wise, I was OP yesterday but only thanks to serious APs I earned on the weekend...when I finally got home at almost 7pm, I ate the house......but I tracked it, and well.....eeeesh is all I can say!

This week is head-down and focusing at work and getting stuff done around the gardens at home.....Monday is page-turning day.

Monday - I'm changing my work hours a bit so I can get to the gym and work out 4 days per week.......I don't seem able to incorporate it into my home-time, so making time while I'm away from home will be the only way to get it done. I NEED to do this for me. NEED to, I say!

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  1. make sure you post pictures of your new do!