Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Hump Day and Staying Healthy

Happy Hump Day!

The day where I just don't commit to anything.

It's my "just be" day.

Do you have a day where you just do whatever?  Okay, I still need to do what I need to do today - ie I'm going to work!  But when I get home, I'm not setting ANY expectations, other than my fiancé and I are just going to spend time together.

Staying healthy - well, we are about to head out on what I'm calling "the trip of a lifetime!"  I'm praying that neither of us gets sick before/during/after our trip!  We started the Ducorol treatment (with the cholera) yesterday - boy that was joyful - YUCK!  Anyhoo, one more next week before we leave.  We also have anti-malaria meds to take two days before we leave for the Philippines.  I've heard they can make you feel kind of off.  These things are fine.  But, that lovely flu/plague that's going around?  Please, oh, please, I've had my share of it over the years, please take this year to give us a pass? 

Food is packed and tracked for my day.  Snackage later with DF will be something of his choosing, but I know he will keep it real.

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