Monday, July 11, 2011

Today's Blog: ALMOST!

ALMOST is a great word!

For instance - I'm ALMOST no longer overweight! How cool is that! My BMI as of today is 25.1 - almost NORMAL!!!!!!

I'm ALMOST ready to start C25K - still working through some leg strenthening exercises with my trainer and working on my ankles this week - for some reason they have been bugging me a bit the past few weeks and we're looking at what needs to be done to strengthen them.

I had an awesome return to work this morning - other than the yelling and screaming part (that was me when the alarm went off this morning!).......more than one person told me how awesome I was looking and that I had lost so much weight!

Well, in fact, weight has decreased a little......but working out consistently and often has made such awesome changes to my body that it's now very evident! Back b**bs are gone! Muffin middle, ALMOST gone (there's that word again!)........and I'm feeling awesome!

So, have a fabulous week, month, whatever.....

I'm ALMOST back on the road I want to be on......just gearing back mentally into work mode and then I'll be bang on!

Clean eating is making me feel like a million bucks - adding formal workouts in 3-5 per week has just made me feel that much better!

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