Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Finally the middle of the week! Nice!!!!!!

Still have problems with posting on other folks' blogs - not sure why....

Leanne: hope you see this - I'm so happy to see that you're active again - which must mean you're healing and finally starting to feel like "you" again - wonderful news - praying that this sticks this time!

Marcelle: Day 2 for me was strong - actually 100% bang on! Nuts are my go-to as well if I am neither hungry or don't have a lot of time......okay, so it's not exactly C1, but whatever, it is included in clean eating!

Today's food all planned.

Workout with my trainer last night rocked - all legs, legs, and more legs......holy cow! LOVE how they feel, starting to love how they look! Now can I have of that feeling/love for my mid section? I know, I know, patience, it will catch up eventually!

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  1. I also thought so...I'm wanting to get my eating pattern back after letting go for June, so not really about losing weight as am at my goal weight.

    Day 3 went well...I ate Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack,dinner
    3 cups of green tea
    8 glasses of water
    ( two cups of coffee ;)
    so feeling happy today

    Enjoy your trainer today