Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A rough couple of weeks....but I'm back!

Things I hate about Meniere's Disease - flares come out and bite you in the @ss, well, more like the head......and they come out of nowhere.

I was feeling pretty darned good and in control.

When that happens, I often end up getting a bit "cocky" and sometimes throw caution to the wind....which of course, I did, once again.  A bit a processed food, leads to a bit more, which leads to being off balance, which leads to a pitty party, which leads to BAM! 

Our Canadian spring long-weekend was this past weekend...I spent 1.5 days on the couch sleeping off dizziness.  Much better than the past few weeks, that's for sure.  I did have a crazy amount of work to do outdoors and "went for it!"

So, still struggling, focused on listening to my body right now.....

Great thing:  I am tracking!

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