Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

Seriously! Terrific!

Okay, so I've been OP with WW since July 12th, the day my girlfriend from Montreal was coming to visit.....she's also on WW. We had an awesome weekend....and I told all of you about the recommitment to the gym and how my other girlfriend, Gail, and I have agreed to meet at the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work and how we both rejoined WW meetings last Thursday night.

So, I've discovered that I can track on the on-line tracker, but it's not working that well for me, apparently, tracking on paper is better.....Wendy (my Montreal friend) and I took our measurements on July 12th. Yesterday morning, I visited the washroom and noticed in the mirror that maybe I was a little less poofy!? Anyhoo, skipped my mind and when I got dressed this morning and put on my bra, it didn't fit the same...could it be? Well, I got out the tape measure because I was curious - here's what's happened in only 11 days:

Bust -1
Rib cage -3!
Waist -3!
Hips -1
Butt -.5

in 11 days! I'm so excited about that....I'm feeling a lot less bloated.....I'm feeling in control....and I'm motivated like you wouldn't believe to stay this way! Wooohooooey!

Syl - you go girl!

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