Monday, July 20, 2009

Ahhhh, Monday again!

I feeeeeeeelllll good!
I knew that I would!

I feeeeeeeellll nice........

Yes, I had a great OP weekend. Tracked, used some FP, but planned my food, drank my water, earned some APs and I'm smiling today!

Feeling so much less bloated - it's awesome.

Saturday was a golf was loads of fun - and I found a driver that I can actually do some damage with! Dear Tony - please add it to my Christmas list! It would be awesome to have that new driver for Florida!

I knew the menu for Saturday night, so I planned, and ate only what I said I would.....and I only drank what I planned on drinking (can't very well go to an Optimist Golf Tournament and not drink, honestly!).

So Sunday was my MIL's birthday party, of course at our house.....I planned, I ate less than I thought I would and I passed on dessert - dessert made by me, no less! Planned for two glasses of wine, and now I'm smiling!

I did some walking and played golf on Saturday - yesterday was "run around like a chicken with it's head cut off" day, so no formal APs, but I did do a lot of house cleaning and cooking, so it's not like I sat and read a book all day!

Today, walk planned at lunch (30 minutes and leaving shortly), mucking out horsie land when I get home, followed by some gardening and lugging furniture and plants back onto the new porch, which I truly hope, will be finished when I get home today.

WW meetings seem to be inspiring me to be religious....hope this new-found faith in myself and my strength and determination to see this through are going to stick. ....that's the plan!

Now, one thing I'll share with you.......this week's homework was 1/2 plate of vegetables, so when I was piling up my plate last night at dinner (lucky it was buffet), I had 2 kinds of salad, loads of chopped veggies, a smidge of dip that I made myself so I knew the points, some lean protien (basically only a taste of everything that was brought to the table)...and I even skipped dessert!

Go me!

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