Thursday, July 23, 2009

I feeeeel GOOOOD!

WI is tonight and I'm looking forward to my first WW WI at my meeting! Yes, indeedy, I am so! Why? Well, seems like I'm clue what the scale is saying, but I do know my inches are leaving me...the extra inches...the blubbery ones! Today, I have a great NSV to share - heck might even have to take a photo this evening because I'm feeling so good!

About two months ago, I bought four new pairs of capris - two jean, one black, one navy...only wore the black and one jean pair as there was no way that I could stay in the waistband of the other ones - way too much in the middle...I figured I'd work towards wearing them....tried them on about 2 weeks ago and NO WAY still....well, today, I'm comfortably in one of the jean pairs! Muffin middle is all but gone and it took the back b00bs with it! How cool is that?

So plan today - stay OP, go to the gym at 4 - WI at 5 - meeting at 5:15 - soccer game to watch at 6:30......home by...well, eventually!

Have a great day my friends (that is if anyone is actually reading my posts!)....and maybe tomorrow I'll have a picture or two to share....just maybe!

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  1. You go, girl! Eventually, I get around to checking for updates on your blog, so it does get read. Keep up the great work. Those recipes sound good. Interesting observation about tracking on paper versus online. My experience is that it takes me too long to memorize points and such, so online tracking makes me much more likely to journal by a long shot. Each of us is different though. I'm glad you've figured out what works best for you. Keep on posting.