Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My First Week Back at WW Meetings

I tracked - 50% of the time
I made excuses not to exercise - 50% of the time
I gained .2 lbs.

Enough said.

So this week, I'm tracking, I'm moving and I'm renewing my love for the outdoors and finding opportunities, and making & keeping commitments to work out.

Tonight - planting seeds in the greenhouse - lots of squats, lunges and stretches
Tomorrow night - back at the gym for 60 minutes of cardio
Friday night - gung-ho on house cleaning as we're away at a basketball most of the weekend
Saturday morning - 30 Day Shred before leaving
Sunday - gardening and cleaning out the barn

Next week:
Monday - Aquafit at lunchtime with gardening after work
Tuesday - back at the gym & my WW WI!
Wednesday - more water
Thursday - gym
Friday - gym
Saturday & Sunday - the great outdoors - I'd like to start riding B again!


I'll let you know how it goes!

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