Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Day of Reckoning

I went home last night and had a little pitty party for myself. I'm feeling sorry for myself right now.......CANNOT get my head around the fact that I may now be in menopause (I can't believe I've written that down), and that I will be turning 50 this year, and that I cannot seem to get a grip and stay focused on taking care of me. I spoke to my sweetheart about it last night and he's being incredibly accepting, supportive, well frankly amazing, and I still just can't seem to care about me.

Syl wrote and amazing post on her blog today: "I fear that you will find this post motivating but will not motivate yourself." This is just part of what she wrote and it is almost as if she read my mind and put it out there for everyone to see. Thanks Syl, might just be part of the kick in the head I need to get myself into the right headspace.


  1. wouldn't it be great to say I'm 50 and i'm in the best shape of my life!
    Grab the bull by the horns Laura and do what you need to do...just do it!
    I believe in you it's time you believed in yourself.