Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great new Toy/Tool

Okay, a lot of you out there will likely say something to the effect of "welcome to the age of technology;" however, I'm still going to write about it. I bought myself an IPod Touch just after the holidays and I'm finally getting around to finding out more about it. Last night, found out that because I now have wireless in the house, I can access WW online to track my food intake/activity/water, etc........don't have to boot up a computer, don't have to do any of that....and can likely access to track in a lot more places than I would have dreamed of!

Lots of weeding on deck for today after work.


  1. if you want a cool sight to track on while still using weight watchers points I would recommend - it's a fun website and LOTS of nutritional information right at your finger tips!

    How fun, I'm happy to hear you got something for yourself Laura!

  2. With all that outside work that you are doing, I bet you are burning a lot of calories.

    Awesome job on the 12 push-ups. You'll find that you will just keep on improving! OH, and here's to..."no more Blucky!"