Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feeling like my resolve is going to stick!

Work is still nuts - and will continue to be until end-of-day tomorrow. It's year-end AND we have a big event in our department tomorrow that I'm running. Not making excuses, just PLANNING my activity (and lack thereof) for the next few days. Means that if I want to earn a certain number of activity points (WW) over the next week, I will have barely any some days and more than usual on others. Same result....calories injested - calories burned = weight loss. Simple math!

Had a good day on program yesterday (though a bit low on veggies and fruit), but making up for it nicely today.....

Back Friday! Lovely weather is here - today's high is 15 already (Celcius, my US friends!), and the next four days will be bright sunshine and 20-22! The PERFECT weather for bike, my horse, whatever I choose - heck, maybe both!



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  1. we are experiencing those low teen temperatures too but the cold wind is taking away from the excitement :-(

    love your new title! hope things slow doesn for you soon