Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Climbing the CN Tower AGAIN!

1774 steps....144 flights....and yes, I'm doing it again on April 17th....this time it's a fundraiser for World Wildlife Federation....

Last time 43 minutes, 46 seconds

This time, I hope to make it in 35-38 minutes. I start training this week.

Work, as I may have indicated before, has been incredibly busy. I'm finally out of the woods and life can get back to normal again! I had a huge pile of crazy deadlines and today around 11am, I hit "send" on one of the big ones and things can now get back to's still busy, don't get me wrong, but I won't be up nights worrying about stuff any more!

So.........hopefully tomorrow morning I can remember to bring my camera to work. My window faces East and today, for the first time in I can't tell you how long, the sun was streaming in my window when I got here! It's SPRING!

Later gators!


  1. I've never heard of that before but it certainly sounds challenging. Seems like a reasonable goal to me. Good job by the way on the weight loss!

  2. good for you for doing the climb again!

    oh and all my clothes are gone, these pair of jeans were missed and are being given away next week, no need to worry :-)