Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to Weight Watchers Meetings for Me Today

Lunchtime, in my building.....12:30....be there! I'll be there!

13 weeks left, which brings us to: June 22!

I will be 15 lbs, at least, lighter by then! I WILL, MARK MY WORDS!

Now, back to the cr@p on my desk.

Update: I went to my meeting

News: my home scale is too kind!

My Weight Watchers at Work Scale says 173.6, so 173.6 it is. I have mixed feelings about this.....I'm MAD at myself for letting myself go again, but at least I recognized it, acknowledged it, took ownership of it, and am planning and working on getting myself back out of it! Or back on track......today is day 1 all over again - AMEN!

1 comment:

  1. My old scale was too kind too, but I knew it. As long as it accurately measures your weight loss, that's what matters. 15 pounds in 13 weeks is very do-able. You can do it.

    In 13 weeks, I'll know if I'm having a boy or girl.