Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Beautiful Tuesday Morning!

Good morning! It's beautiful outside here this morning - okay, the thermometer on the van did say -8 (celcius), but it's crisp, clear and just beautiful outside! It was also light (well, getting there) when I got up at 6.......which gives me hope for a renewed season...spring is almost here, right? Can't wait for the snow go melt and to get out into my gardens once again!

So, work is crazy (budget season), so I won't be on a lot for the next few days....but wanted you all to know that I had an awesome WI last Sunday - I managed to lose 3.1 pounds last week.....which is 2.6 that I had gained the week before and then .5 on top of that. It was definitely a happy moment when I stepped on the scale last week! So, my plan now is to keep up with my clean eating (lots of great foods in my lunchbag today), keep the water going, even have sliced lemon in it today.....and make the most of the nice weather and likely go for a power walk at lunch, just to blow cobwebs out of my head! My "work" runners are under my desk and the sidewalks are finally clear so there's no reason not to go for it!

Here's to another successful week!

and starting today, I'll start posting how many days I've been on program: 8 for me, today will be 9!

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