Wednesday, February 24, 2010 more thing

.....Sunshine Mama - you mentioned your push-up challenge......funny thing - in my whole life, I have never been able to do even one. I'm partially paralyzed on the right side (arm and shoulder) and have never been able to do one. Recently; however, thanks to Jillian's 30 Day Shred, I've figured it out with the help of my two daughters and my sweetheart, I have figured out proper form and can now do two sets of 7 on a good day. did you set your challenge up?

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  1. Hey, Sunshine!

    If you type in "100 push-up challenge" in google it should take you to the site. Then, they have you do an intial test to see where you are at as far as what program you should begin with. I wasn't in exactly the right slot when I first started, so I had to try a few different work-outs until I got the one where I was at the level I could proceed with.

    Before the push-up challenge, In my own work-out, I started doing 4 sets of 15 push-ups. But, the push-ups were "girl" push-ups. Slowly I started adding sets with full "guy" push-ups until I was able to do four sets of 15 guy push-ups.

    So, by the time I started the 100 push-up challenge, I was able to begin with week four and just progresss from there.

    An intersting thing about this push-up challenge, is that the last set in every session is all about you pumping out as many as you can possibly do until you collapse in an exhausted heap on the floor. Doing it that way is scary and exhilerating because you will surprise yourself with how much you can improve from session to session.

    It doesn't matter how many push-ups you begin with because we all have to start somewhere, what matters is discovering the power you have within yourself to break barriors that you never thought possible to break. It sounds like you're breaking them!

    The sun is shining here. Hope it is where you're at too!