Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 4 - recap of day 3!

Getting bored with my titles yet? I'm starting to.....!

Day 3 was awesome....tracked, drank water, did shopping with DD#2 - mall was empty and we found every single thing we went for in record time! It was a lot of fun too......I've looked at a few items in a few stores that I'm going to go and try on when I hit 150........7 weeks from now!

Day 4......Shred and elliptical on deck for after work. Then a nice quiet evening alone with DSO....we haven't had a moment alone in ages it seems, so it will be nice having all four kids at their "other" parents for a few days so we can reconnect - GRIN!

I made a mistake today......I think. Opinions needed here please. I got on the scale and did a mid-week said +1.1 from Sunday. I'm feeling pretty displeased, to say the least, about the number....the question is....should I WI every day? or should I WI only once each week? What to do, what to do?! I know weight fluctuates daily.....I know why......just not sure daily WI is a good idea for me? Or maybe it will reinforce the message "be strong" today!?

Have an awesome day everyone!


  1. Weighing every day vs once a week is such a personal decision. I do it every day so that my diet is the first thing on my mind in the morning. My focus. Some people can't stand to see the fluctuations. Look at it as a tool for you. Will it motivate you and keep you focused even during a gain? Also, when you do it every day, you are able to track patterns. Like...maybe it stays even for two weeks straight and then all of sudden it drops two pounds in one day. Or maybe you gain during your cyle. If you decide to not take things personally, you could look at it as something of interest to see the progression of weight loss.

    I should send my daughter over to your house. She loves to sew. She'll be 15 in April. Next year it will be her "grand" birthday...16 on the 16th. I think that is soo cool. Plus that date is on a Saturday. I'm so excited for her.

    I don't sew, but my mom is a sewing queen, so I usually just send her there for a few days and she comes back with all these home-sewn objects.

    Hey, I just noticed your sunflowers. Very cute. Did you have those up before?

    Thanks for all your comments. I'm so glad we found each other!

  2. Love the new look of your blog Laura, the sunflowers make me smile :-)

    Weighing in every day drives me CRAZY, I think once a week is the most accurate measurment although I think the better way to gage it is with a measuring tape. As I have incorporated stength training I am finding the scale moving less but i am losing inches.

    oh and how about accountablility posting your pictures Laura, I thought I had commented on that post, for what it's worth I think you look great.

    Keep up the great work!