Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday and going strong!

Choices and accountability......Guess I missed a B word in there, so how about:

Accountability - making a plan, sharing it with friends/family, and staying true to your word

Baby Steps - take things one baby step at a time

Choices - if your original plan does not pan out, make alternate choices or change something out

Yesterday - 20 flights of stairs! 12 up and 8 down (I took the elevator once because I was carrying "stuff"). 11.5 minutes on the elliptical is all I could manage, but it's up from 8 minutes last week (that would be the babysteps part).

Today - ankle still a pain......and now I have a deadline which means I can't get to the pool at lunchtime for aquafit (I packed my bag and brought it to work though!) today I will again take the stairs - aiming for 15 up today. And will hit the elliptical and do some ab/core work when I get home.

Accountability and planning: I have promised myself not to make excuses and just stop this time around. I've been tracking my food for 3 straight days and eating sensibly is working! I have also promised myself to earn 2-8 Weight Watchers Activity Points each and every day.

I feel good in my head about this!

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