Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 2 recap - on to day 3

Day 2 was AWESOME! I did do my Shred workout, I did do the elliptical and I did haul water to the barn......a zillion gallons of it. Then I hauled water to the hot tub.....and scrubbed the outside of it. Then I vacuumed stairs (both sets of stairs), I tore apart our MBR and cleaned like a fiend, and I vacuumed and scrubbed both bathroom floors! Then I spent the afternoon with my youngest daughter and we put a dent in making her first summer dress. She's soon to be 16 and last time we attempted this was two years ago and she was a bit freaked out by the foot pedal on the machine.....this year, she's tackling it well and doing a lot more than I thought she would! Next session (likely next Tuesday night), will be zipper installation!

My sewing area is now clean and I have a few UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) out for me to put the final touches on.....then I'll be tackling one of my quilts again. It's nice because I can just go up there and pick up because the clutter is gone! Well, most of it anyway.

The house is a lot more peaceful with more of the clutter gone! GRIN!

Today is a day off exercise....only because of timing. I have a shopping excursion planned with my youngest DD for after supper/before we pick her sister up from work.

Tomorrow, back at it!

Yesterday, I tracked everything I ate and came out well within my points range. And today I will do the same!

It feels so good to be back in control!


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  1. Is that my problem!! I have a ton of UFO's flying around my house too. Now I get it...it's not my problem at all; it's an alien invasion. That will be my new favorite word.

    "Sorry, honey, it's just UFOs you see lying on the counter top."

    Also, I think water-hauling to the barn definitely counts as exercise.