Monday, November 2, 2009


So my weigh-in was down 1.3 this week....nice!

I'm still frustrated, though, because it would be one of the 1.3 lbs that I have lost and gained, relost and regained, and refused to regain, but did again and again and again.

THIS I strong enough to stick with it and ride this OP wagon to the end of the journey?

I'm still a bit sick.....moved from chest to head now......

My stepdaughter was diagnosed with acute mono yesterday....she's a mess! I've asked her father to ensure she stays at her mother's for a few more days just to get over the nose-blowing coughing part of what she has. I can't take a chance on catching it.....I know she's been contageous for several weeks already now, but with the hand-washing thing not being her strong suit, I don't want to take any chances.

Going to go for a walk at lunchtime today - it's cold, but it's beautiful outside this morning.......hopefully tomorrow, I can go back to the gym.


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  1. great job on the weigh in, I'm loving the pictures Laura you look fabulous!