Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Update on Working Out!

I did it again! Went to the gym last night - did 50 minutes of cardio. Felt great.....!

Then I came home...walked out onto the porch in the dark and smacked my shins so hard on an iron table that I though I had broken something! I'll survive.....

Plan for today is dinner out with a bunch of lady friends - one of my friends is getting married on Saturday and the ladies are going out. I'm DD, so after one glass of wine, I'm switching over to water. Tony will be going to the guy's night out as well......and I'm his DD......festivities start at 7, so I figure as long as I'm home by 5, I'm going to Shred! Preventative damage control!

1 comment:

  1. WAY TO GO!!!

    Cardio feels great eh?

    Sorry you smucked your shins, though!

    Hope you had a fun evening!!!

    Thanks for the award :)