Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm dreaming in colour....honest.

But, decided to go about things in plain old black-and-white for a while.....essentially, back to basics......

1. Tracking every morsel
2. Drinking that lovely water
3. Moving, groovin' and growing strong every day.

Today....glorious. I WILL go out for a walk at lunch. I will leave work early and tackle one of my gardens (gotta get the dead stuff off and the bulbs in!), muck out my horse's stall, and finally, if it's not dark, wash my filthy van!

All of the above, basics of life.......basics of my life, anyway.......staying healthy, growing stronger, and doing something that I enjoy doing each and every day. back to the dream.......

One of the dresses I bought on the weekend is a black, very plain cocktail can be worn and dressed up in a zillion ways........(note to self, still need shoes). BUT, the dress will look better on me if I'm a little smaller than I am stay focused!

The other part of the dream......involves bathing suit shopping! Aaaack.....not ready to tackle that one yet - I've decided that I will go and take care of that on December 3rd....two days before we fly out to Cuba. AND I COMMIT TO GIVING THIS WEIGHT LOSS/STRENGTH/ENDURANCE PLAN MY ALL UNTIL THEN! Less than one month, I can totally do this!

Stay tuned.........!

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