Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fly-by Post!

Okay, so I rarely go out........but when I do, it just keeps coming!

Last night was dinner out with the celebrate my friend's wedding that is coming up on Saturday. I volunteered to be DD - the guys went out last night too, so I drove my guy and the groom to where they were celebrating (pub) then drove bride and I downtown to The Tasting Room......and I had one (counted) glass of white wine, the switched to water. I tried several of the appies and I was satisfied, so didn't eat any more (yippee!)

Tonight after work, quick trip home then back into town with DD#2 to pick up her shoes for semi-formal next week.......then need to be a few towns over for a dinner theatre at 6:30. Should be home at 9:30ish at the latest which is good because last night it was midnight....and I had to be up before 6 to drive my same daughter to volleyball practice for 6:30.

Tomorrow, they have a volleyball tournament in Kitchener, so we need to meet at the school by 6:20am....yes AM!? It's about 1.5 hours away.

Saturday - wedding! About 1.5 hours away once again.......not leaving until early afternoon - the wedding is at 5 and we're staying overnight in a quaint inn where the wedding festivities are being held.

Sunday - meeting up with gf from WW and her hubby.....then driving home. Then count-down to Cuba...packing, organizing kids, etc.

So exercise needs to be slotted in, right? Today will be a walk at lunchtime - don't have time for anything else.

Tomorrow......will possibly help with warm-ups, so should be okay.

Saturday.....Shred in the morning.

Sunday.....we'll be doing some walking again.

Back to the gym on Monday........and I'll post again on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. lol... I am tired just looking at your list haha.