Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OMG! I'm climbing the CN Tower on Saturday!

WHAT was I thinking?

Part of the GDT - TOI (Toronto Invasion!) will be climbing on Saturday morning.......aaaack! I'm scared to death!

Wonderful thing is that we're having a weekend away as a family.....two youngest kids are coming with Tony and I to cheer me on - they'll meet me at the top! Then we're off the the Science Centre to see Body Worlds.....can't wait!

....and best of all, I'll finally get to put faces & names together for all of those incredibly supportive ladies on the GDT!

Off to the pool for aquafit at lunchtime today.......!


  1. How exciting. I know that you will kick butt!

  2. sounds like so much fun! To bad I live so far away, that would have been quiet the experience! Don't forget to take picutres!