Monday, October 12, 2009

Frost on the windows this morning!

Luckily I cleared out my garage yesterday and put the van away before I went to bed last window scraping for me this morning!

Here is something I read this morning in the WW Newsletter, and just thought I would share it!

"Forget summer romance, fall is the perfect time to fall in love, with
fitness that is. Put aside your skepticism. Fairytales can come
true-we can help light a spark in your workout routine. You'll love

I'm at work on this thanksgiving day Monday morning......lots to do, but only will be here until noon.

I'm sitting in my office, it's shortly after 7:24am......the sun isn't up yet, but the vue from my office window is incredible....I only wish I had a camera! WOW!

Today - work until noon.....then home - we're going to cover the pool, I need to wash the van, and then later this afternoon, I'll be taking my oldest daughter back to residence (she's been sick and finally taking a turn for the better), bringing my youngest with me so she can see where her sister is living and then dropping her off at her dad's for his family's Thanksgiving dinner. Quiet evening on deck at home. Relaxation, I do believe will be the order of this evening!

Tomorrow, after work, I'm going back to the gym!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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