Friday, October 2, 2009

My workout today....

I can't believe that I couldn't find my Shred DVD! My kids must have moved it.......I found the was empty!

Instead I did some time on the elliptical (I hate that machine) and treadmill....and in a few minutes, will do some ab work. Tomorrow, I'll do cardio, search more for the Shred and some upper body.

So, I took pictures, I took measurements, I'm dumpy!

Here's front & side views:

Sorry, photos didn't want to upload on dial-up? I'll try again on Monday when I'm back at work.....

This is NOT the body I want to take to Cuba in's also NOT the body that I want to buy a nice dress for for the end of November and my friend's wedding (gosh, now I'm sounding like my friend Syl and her dress for wedding/christening dilema! - so now, I'm taking a page out of Syl's book and working the program! She did awesome, she's my inspiration, I'm going to go full out and DO IT!).

Right, measurements. Here they are:

Bust 40.75"
Chest 34.25
Waist 34
Hips 42
Thigh 23.5/23
Calf 13.75/13.25
Arm 12.75 / 12
Weight on Wii Fit 165.8


  1. that sucks Laura, at least you wanted to do it and took your measurements, that's the first step..hope the DVD turns up!

  2. You are my inspiration. I too don't want to take this body of mine to Mexico in January.
    I started the shred arms are tired mostly but I will struggle on. I am going to take my measurements tonight and a before pic as well. Keep on blogging!...Rebecca-Lee