Friday, October 2, 2009

1..2......3.......OFF I GO TO SHRED!

See, I can do it......I planned a day off and TOLD DSO that there was NO WAY I was working on the farm/barn/books anything today. Today is MY day.....I can do what I want to do all day long.....

1. Come here and post!
2. Did my Wii Fit WI as I missed WW WI last night because I was still at the office (worked 11 hours yesterday).
3. After I log off here, going to get my workout duds on, take a few start photos (aaaack!) and my measurements and hopefully, if the dial-up Gods are willing, post them on here.....after I Shred!
4. Rip the kitchen apart
5. Steam clean living room rugs
6. Find my bedroom and flip some of my summer/winter clothing around so I have more than tank tops in my closet!

Stay tuned................I'll be back in a bit!

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