Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Quest.... to find parts of my house that went MIA....I think I mentioned that a few days ago.....I'm getting there, and cleaning as I go....a few short hours at a time and I can feel the difference already!

My plan today......vacuum the in in about 15 minutes! We have the pump up and running again finally, so time to clean 'er out and cover it for the winter! Lots of APs in that......then if the rain holds out, I'm going to much out my horse's stall - kind of spring/fall cleaning weekend I'll get the front-end loader back from the other farm (it's tied up with pepper season right now) and clean out the outside part.....Note to self...find the manual on the large mower so DSO can get the belt changed on it......NEXT WEEKEND - I'm starting to ride again!

IF the rain keeps holding off, then I'm going for a 7km walk. If it doesn't, I'll do elliptical, treadmill and ab work.

Then back to regularly scheduled decluttering (this time, I'm working on my sewing room/craft area)......

This afternoon - off the my niece's new house....MIL hasn't seen it yet, so we're taking her over for a quick visit.

Rebecca-Lee! Got your messages.......welcome! Nice to "see" you! to read about your run YOU, girl, are very inspiring....and I want you to know that if I were to look at your "before" photos and your photos now, I might not think you were the same person! WTG girl, you're awesome!

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  1. you're so sweet Laura, all that cleaning...have you found your shred yet :-) although I'm not sure with all that activity you will even need it!
    It's snowing here today, YUCK!