Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life Happens...again!

So, taking a line out of my friend Syl's blog, LIFE HAPPENS! However, this time, it was a good happening....I had planned on starting C25K yesterday, but I've decided to put it off until next week because I don't want my arthritis bothering me....I'm going to ease into it. Life happens - well, I did some yard work last night instead, followed by some house cleaning, followed by some sewing for my daughter's Halloween costume.

Yesterday, I drank 2.5L of water, I was OP and I tracked, I earned 3APs (maybe a few more) and I feel good!

Sneak peek at the scale (yes Syl, I'm peeking this week) has me down a bit from Sunday morning's WI, which is awesome! I'm using my WI Fit WI on Sunday mornings to gage how I'm doing for all of my challenges........and I'm going back to WW WI tonight after the gym as well. There will be a difference in WIs because one is nekkid first thing in the morning, the other is at the end of the day after working doesn't matter, what matters is I'm focused on taking care of me again and I'm making myself a priority for a change.

Tonight, gym, WI at WW, a bit of shopping, drive home, then finish costume......

Tomorrow is the office Halloween party!

Have an awesome day everyone!


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