Monday, October 5, 2009


.....lovely breakfast/snacks/lunch packed for today - losts of veggies, a few fruit, some lean protien.....I'll be full and very OP today for sure.

Tonight when I get home, more on the decluttering of the's starting to look a bit more under control, so that's definitely a good thing!

I've pulled a muscle in my neck, so will lay off upper body workouts for the next few days.

Yesterday, I repacked my gym bag AND I packed a pool bag.....tomorrow after work, is gym! Wednesday after lunch is aquafit at the rec centre on campus! Thursday, back to the gym.....and weekend of nice weather ahead (well, that's my plan anyway!)....I'm going to be very active and get a lot of my fall gardening done and flower beds to to "bed" for the winter.

Syl - your post today is truly inspirational! What a transformation!

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  1. sounds like you are making progress on the home front my friend, have you found the shred yet?