Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday - Day 2 of Clean Eating

Hi! Well, I did it, I survived Day 1 of my clean eating plan. As I likely mentioned, I'm going to be starting the 17 Day Diet once the book arrives, so for now, I'm just going on what I've figured out by "talking" to my friend who has shared some of the highlights of the plan with me.

Yesterday, I ate well. Tracked on WW and SparkPeople and was within my points and calorie range. I even walked on campus for 30 minutes after the rain stopped.

When I got home last night, I was still feeling super in control, so I got out my new electric skillet....I had bought it a few months ago to use when we had no kitchen and hadn't pulled it out yet. Carefully measured my EVOO and made up a lovely scallop/veggie stir fry. Enough for my supper, lunch today and lunch again tomorrow.

This morning, I did up two eggs in it before I went to work as well.

Today, I will be eating:

2 eggs
1c: strawberries, kiwi, pineapple
Astro Zero Yogurt (2 servings as they are only 35 calories each)
Scallop/veggie stir fry
Container of chopped bell peppers and broccoli with 1/2c hummus
Chicken breast/veggie stir fry for supper
Glass of 1% milk
Water - I've brought a 6 cup flask to work so I can keep more than one glass at my desk!

Again, will track on WW and SP and add in more foods if I'm under my target calorie range.

I'm also focusing once again on taking my multi vitamin and other supplements (Vit D & Calcium as well as Glucosamine).

Walk at lunch planned again for today and tomorrow as the weather looks like it will cooperate.

Back to the gym, FINALLY, on Thursday!

My WW meeting is today at lunchtime, so stay tuned to see what my WI will be....I'm not expecting anything too exciting today, but next week - watch out! I lost .6 this week.

In closing - I cannot tell you how good being in control feels....and I plan on that feeling growing as the week(s) progress!

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