Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, Monday.....

....well, you're all likely very sick and tired of reading about me starting over, yet again. I started and restarted my clean eating journey on Monday, Feb 28th.....and today, when I jumped on the scale, I managed to lose a whole, whopping 3.3 lbs in 4 weeks and make it stick. Yes, the scale has been going up and going down......but all in all 3.3 lbs in 4 weeks - not great...not bad. It's a sustainable, slow-pace weight loss. The healthy way. I can say that I feel more energetic. I can say that I let life derail me (I'm working on that one). Sad thing....I had to put one of our kitties to sleep on Friday evening....and that kind of sent me off the rails for the weekend. Short-term pitty party and now I've rebooted and am clean eating once again. Still following the 17DD - today is cycle 1, day 1 - for the third time! I'll get there eventually! I'm NOT giving up. If I fall, I'll jump right back on the wagon. So, 174.8 this morning - down from 178.1 one month ago.

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  1. I'm also so excited as losing weight after sitting at the same weight for so following the basics of the program at the moment, but will do 100% from the 6th April...I only have 900grams to lose though...