Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 6 - and going strong

Lots of activity around the house the weekend as we try and put some stuff back into the new kitchen cabinets. It's not finished enough yet......but I can start unpacking some stuff so life will be easier on the cooking front.....hoping that this week will bring us much closer to the end. Still waiting for the flooring, which is on back order and due in on the 17th, then final cabinetry and trim.....and of course the countertops and sink! Really missing my sink more than anything.....I'm dreaming about washing dishes and not having to cart them into the laundryroom to do them!

Anyway, my stepson's birthday was last night, but as he's feeling under the weather, we had pizza (yes again). I had an otherwise stellar day and managed to pull off another .5lb loss! WOW! Clean eating is amazing.

Tonight is the family birthday celebration with cousins and grandma.......but I'm cooking so I can control what's going to go into the menu!

Going to stay strong and keep at this!

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  1. Hey "New You",
    How exciting to have the dream of being your best yet. We can do it at 50, we are more determined and experience at what works and what doesn't work. You said it, We can exceed at anything we put our minds to. Be true to yourself on your journey. I too am in the best shape of my life at 56 both physically, mentally and spiritually. Keep up the good work. You go Girl!!!

    Feeling Fabulous at Fifty