Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 2 - AWESOME so far!

That's all I can say. Yesterday was stellar. Ate exactly what I should, drank my water, had my vitamins and supplements, worked on the kitchen renovation and had an incredible day.

Was rewarded by -1.1 on the scale this morning!



  1. WAY YOU GO GIRLFRIEND....you are so rocking this ....keep going....remember I have both my eyes on you!!!! hehehe

  2. You doing so well....keep going, keep updating me...I cant wait for my book to arrive the end of March...and with my hubby going away for 3 weeks I think that will be the perfect time to do this plan....something to keep me going with him being away...like this week....no carbs after lunch...if he was home I would find this difficult...but do able...

  3. Wow thats incredible! Congrats!!! I've been hearing alot about the 17 day diet. I'm going to follow you and see how it goes. Then maybe I will buy the book :)