Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 9 - and on track and in control!

......TODAY, that is.

Yesterday, well, suffice it to say that a work meeting went through lunch (with food brought in). I did not excuse myself and go to my office to get my own lunch, no, I did not. I ate what came in........lovely sandwiches (I'm not eating carbs, right) made in croissants, dripping in mayo....well, you get the picture, right? and a cookie...a very, very BIG cookie...and some fruit juice....and NO water......and when I got home, it lead to more derailment.

Observation: the common sense side of me says: "ahem, you did that why?" The digestive tract-side of me said: "Ahem, now I'm all stuffed and bloated and feeling yucky. You did that why?"

Today, I'm listening to what the digestive side of me said. I'm back on the wagon. I'm flushing the cr@p I ate yesterday out, and I'm moving along.

I'd LOVE to see the 160s next week..........

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