Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Updates, updates, and updates

Best laid plans....well, yes, I've learned something in the past few weeks.

It took five weeks to go from a functioning kitchen through to a quasi-functioning kitchen to an-almost-completed kitchen.

I now have running water (dishwasher still to be reinstalled), my new stove was installed last evening, the flooring and counters are installed.....and there's some trim work and electrical and a bit of lighting to be finished..........BUT I COOKED DINNER IN THE KITCHEN LAST NIGHT!

Ahhhhhhh, felt good to get that out there!

I'm back.

I'm back on the 17DD...restarting today in fact.

I will get back on the scale tomorrow morning.

I can't wait to start feeling great again.....stay tuned....nobody said life's journeys were easy ones!

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