Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 5 - and still focused!

Day 5 and still focused.

I am still doing "my" version of this diet - very few carbs (ie one carb per day except for Mon & Tues this week). I have a lot on the go at work right now and no kitchen (renovations are coming along - week 3), so it's a bit of a challenge. I also decided to start the 17 Day Diet on the weekend, after I'd already bought groceries, and without the book.

It's finally Friday, so I'll purchase what I need to do the plan hard-core starting on Monday (or sooner) and keep eating the way I have been since Monday in the interim.

Today's sneak peek brought me -.2 yesterday. Still a minus!

I feel like a million bucks!


  1. AS I am still waiting for my book and it says only in April I will receive, can you go into more detail daily about what you are eating or allowed to eat....

    Well done on the all adds up and its adding up to be a good number!!!!

  2. Good for you Laura.
    I did the no carbs thing before the cruise and also felt amazing, it was just not something I could sustain for a long period of time. I know this diet goes through cycles so it shouldnt be an issue. Keep doing what you are doing, looks like it's working for YOU.