Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday - February Review!

Well, all things considered, February was interesting.....

1. Was in Florida when February 1st rolled around and played the best round of golf I have ever played on Friday, February 4th.
2. Back to reality and drove home on February 5th and 6th.
3. Back to work on the 7th - VERY BUSY!
4. Started the kitchen renovation on February 14th! Happy Valentine's Day indeed
5. Today is February 28th and my sweetheart is putting the last coat of plaster up - which means that all of the electrical is done, planning for plumbing is done, and the gas hook-up for the new stove (CAN'T WAIT) also planned for.
6. A new look for zee blog! WIP to say the least.......I'm doing one of those "out with the old, in with the new things" with the house right now, so I'm moving it in to work and everything else I am/I do........oh, and that means that I'm DONE WITH WINTER TOO! (yeah, right?)

Weight loss front - well, MUCH less than stellar: I've gained 6.2 lbs since just before I left on vacation.

Weight loss attack: great fridge full of very healthy foods - and a plan of attack: I have a coleman stove which is coming out of the barn tonight which will allow me to start making my stir frys again! We've been surviving using the BBQ, toaster oven, microwave .... but it's been two weeks. I can't do this much longer!

March will bring many things, some new, some old:

1. Revamped food plan and the start of the 17 Day Diet, once my book arrives. In the meantime, I'm using my friend Leanne's "Coles" notes version and cleaning up my eating act. So goodbye to carbs.....for a little while! Hello to clean, healthy eating!
2. New paint hits the kitchen walls tomorrow - I believe the final colour will be decided on tonight, but right now, it's looking a LOT like Terra Cotta or something similar.
3. New flooring goes in first thing on Wednesday morning!
4. ......which can only mean that the new cabinetry will follow late Wed/Thurs/Friday, etc.!
5. Back to the gym after work tomorrow and Wed and Thurs and Friday.
6. Water, there will be more water - 8-10 cups or more per day.

Stay tuned!


  1. sounds like you are right on target for a new month.

    Laura I appreciate your comment, just know that I am not at all disappointed in my month. I am disappointed in what the scale showed at my last wi because I deserved more, I worked my butt off. But this is not going to derail me.