Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Realization and Accountability

So, I have finally admitted that I'm NOT perfect

So, I have finally reached out for help

I rejoined WW at Work meetings yesterday....which of course means I'm no longer doing my WI at home on Sunday, first thing in the morning, with little clothing on.....nope I'm doing my WI at noon on Tuesdays on a foreign scale.

That's okay, needless to say, my WI was higher than it is first thing in the morning.......something about them requiring me to be fully dressed while at work!?

Anyway, I'm still focused, still moving my @ss and still tracking planning and working my way back to healthy....well, healthier.

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  1. thanks for leaving me an update on whats going on in my blog....Group is going strong which makes me happy, this FEB challenge is really hard, for all of us..can you believe that eating with distraction could be harder than keeping to an eating plan.
    Good luck with the WW program and the meetings, I did it on my own, online due to living here and not understanding the language ( German ) but wished I had the support of others, at least I had it was okay.
    Good luck girl..keep in touch.