Saturday, February 26, 2011


Okay, so I finally did it. I got on the Wii Fit at home, in front of my partner and did my weigh in this morning. Wii Fit said 178....which means I've gained 6.2 lbs since January 24th. The only consolation in this is that if I gained that much that fast, I can likely turn the tables and lose it again relatively quickly. I'm not going to kid myself into thinking that just because I gained it in a little over 4 weeks I can lose it again in the same amount of time.....BUT, I'm in and going to do it.

This weekend is a house reno weekend. No time to get out to the gym. On that note, though, I am going to find the time to repack my gym bag and get it into my van so I have it at the ready for after work gym visits next week.

A friend of mine has taken clean eating to a new level and has tried out the 17 Day Diet. She's give a bunch of her friends a summary of how it works and it fits into what I know works for me when I'm completely working my weight loss program. So, I'm just going to go for it and do it as well. First few days/weeks involve few carbs and clean eating.

My thoughts on clean eating - based on past experience, I know it works for me, so I'm IN!

I've set a weight loss goal (an interim one) for May 26th. 22 lbs in 3 months. 156 lbs. I know that at 156 lbs, I feel great.....and I look pretty darned good as well. So what's stopping me? Me....well, it would seem that me, myself and I have had a good talk with each other and we're all on the same page, finally. I've also decided to do my weigh in every day on my Wii Fit......and keep up with my Weight Watchers meetings (this session ends at the end of June). I'm going to use every tool at my disposal to get this done once and for all.....AND then stick with it!

No more reason for NOT doing this.

I'm going to take my measurements sometime today as well. They won't be pretty, but as I've often said, it's what I do with the numbers that matters - not what the numbers actually are when I start.

At the end of May, I will reassess and set my next goal.

In closing.....just thought I'd mention how much all of your feedback means to me. Thank you for helping me keep it real as I continue this journey of self-discovery, self-responsibility, and self-reliance!

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  1. I saw that 17 Day diet on The Doctors ( internet ) and checked to see if our Amazon has it....they are getting it, so I booked one, just out of interest ~ I like to know what all the hype is about.
    As you know I do clean eating and love at the stage where nothing I do anymore makes me lose weight so basically accept this is where my body likes to be...
    WW is the program I lost all my weight on, so yes, its great, just make sure you eat clean on WW as they do promote all the diet products with Aspartame in them.
    Hope you got the Groups March challenge???