Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday's Adventure....

So, in keeping with my theme from yesterday, I have planned an "adventure" of sorts for myself today.

Run in the Rain.  It's not a downpour kind of day, just a gentle drizzle. 

Temps are supposed to divebomb from +14 when I left this morning to somewhere near +5 or lower this evening (going down to freezing tonight). 

I own a raincoat.
I love walking in the rain, when I'm dressed for it.
I have no reason not to run in the rain, then do I?

So I'm going to go for it.

4 x 1s on deck for tonight.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Good on ya for not letting the rain get in your way! Wear a hat with a brim (or a visor) to help keep it out of your eyes. :)

    1. Absolutely will do that - I also have a hood on my coat that has a bit of a "duck bill."

      Brrrr....temps here have dropped to near freezing already.