Thursday, April 4, 2013

The First Week!

Wow, I am amazed/thrilled/excited/proud with how I'm doing.  I have had this habit over the past 20 years or so of making these grand plans to get and stay healthy by eating right, drinking water, and exercising.......sometimes I'm great at it, sometimes, well, I'm an epic failure.

I can feel it - in the air - in my head - it's just there.....this time is different.  I am fed up of failure, but moreso, I'm just plain fed up of being tired, feeling plump, not having energy, having issues with my digestive system ... oh I could go on and on. 

So, it's been, well, today is day 6 of my plan....I'm been eating clean, planning and tracking my food on MFP (come find me, I'm Oldefarmgirl over there) and planning and executing my formal exercise plan.

So far this week, I have accomplished this:

Monday - RR Learn to Run
Tuesday - gym, gentle leg workout and abs (my legs were tired from Monday)
Wednesday - RR Learn to Run
Today - I get my new bike, so I have either a 7k or 10k planned....and if I still have any energy afterwards, I'm going to wash the filth off my van - it's plastered with road salt and mud (gotta love spring on zee farm!).

Today's food is planned and I'm going over to track it shortly - I also promise to get 3+L in today.  Oh, yesterday, well, only got 2.5L in, but that's not too bad, now is it?

The cleanse is going very well - and I had a great sleep last night - first one in a while.

I also just uploaded my first full 24 hours of stats on my BodyMedia Link - I think I'm in love.  It showed me that I managed 9812 steps out of my target of 10k - close!  I also got 7h52m of sleep last night, which I'm sure is a record....yes, I plan on wearing it when I sleep.  I had a great calorie deficit yesterday and I'm definitely on track!

Oh, before I forget - running club last night - again 1 x 1 (10 times).  I found the first three intervals brutal as my shins were a bit sore and it was cold and windy.  By the time I got to the tenth interval, I think I could have done more!  Seriously!  Anyhoo, those new lovely shoes were a great hit with my left pain in the ball of my foot at all and no rub points anywhere in my shoes on either foot!

Tonight, I'm headed to The Bay to pick up a new sports bra that is on sale AND has come highly recommended by some very seasoned runners...The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra......

Keep on keeping on!

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